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CBS Grads

Written by Gavin

Hi All,

The Official CBS Grads photos are ready for collection or have been posted to you. You should have all receive a text regarding them.

Directions to My house for those of you collecting them is below:

From the race course round about, heading to the schools/xtra-vision you take the first right(Springmount). Then up the hill and about half way there is a left turn, go straight on at that and it's the very next house on the left.

It is marked (B) on the map below

Click to View Map

More info available on my Facebook page or read more


See events gallery for Photos from the night


If you cannot collect them at the time set out in the text just text and arrange another time.

If you wish to have your photos posted out or to order extra prints Pay Below with PayPal, but if you have already paid for postage, on the night, photos are on their way to you already

Re-Prints / Postage
Name and Moble Number
What Print if App.

Phone: 087-7585791      E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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